There are only a few days left until the end of this year, but before we fully indulge in the holiday spirit, we would like to present to you the results of our work and announce the winners in our last monthly ranking for 2022!

In the past month the real estate market in Bulgaria felt a certain cooling of interest and part of the buyers stood in a position of waiting. Another large portion, however, remained active and watched every offer that came to the market and were ready to make quick deals. As a result, we could say that deals were being made actively, albeit with fewer inquiries and viewings, and attractive offers were being sold within days from listing as we are still in limited supply conditions.

We continue to inform you about the market trends and in November we published a detailed analysis about the housing market in Sofia, which we had the opportunity to present on several national radio and televisions - BNT, Nova TV and Darik Radio. Read the report in English here

We wish you a successful end to the year!

We will be here for you until its last days and hours to help you complete your property plans and welcome a healthy, happy and successful new year.

And now let’s see the Agents of the Month of December 👇🏆