These are our colleagues who have achieved the best sales results in the past month and on that basis are now awarded the title of "Agent of the Month".

📈🔝 The real estate market in Bulgaria is experiencing a real boom, and some of the properties we list for sale are being sold literally within a few hours.

📰🎥 We follow the market trends closely and actively participate with comments about the market on national air and in established electronic and printed publications to help you always be well informed and make the best decisions. Keep an eye on our site and follow us on Facebook so you don't miss anything important.

🍂 In October we enter the last quarter of this year - these are the most active months for the real estate market, when most deals are traditionally concluded.

👍 Let's wish ourselves success in the remaining short time until the end of this year and to congratulate once again the people who make the most successful deals and who contribute to the development of our company and the real estate market in Bulgaria! 👏👏👏

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