18.08.2023By Daniela Arnaudova, Maritsa daily, 15.08.2023

How is the property market in Bulgaria developing at the moment? Are the houses in the village still in demand?

The interest in suburban houses is strong, says Polina Stoykova from BULGARIAN PROPERTIES. 'Rural houses are in demand and this trend is based on the fact that people increasingly appreciate the good life - in fresh air, in peace and where they have conditions for outdoor games. The problem in this market is more about whether there is enough quality supply,' shifts the focus of the conversation to Polina.

In fact, the interest in rural houses is not from today, but its peak was in 2021, around the time of the COVID pandemic. The market is reporting a shortage of good quality and nice properties. According to brokers, buyers are looking for ready houses in the nearest villages, but also in those a little further away from Plovdiv. They want to keep their property in the city but have one outside it as well. That is why they are oriented towards the villages with convenient transport links to the city, availability of quality internet, shops, pharmacy, etc.

'They like everything to be at their fingertips, fast and easy - explains Petar Petalarev from the Plovdiv office of BULGARIAN PROPERTIES. - However, the price difference between old and new construction in rural properties is serious. To the north of Plovdiv houses in good condition are offered at 70-80,000 euro, at the foot of the Rhodope Mountain they reach 200,000 euro', adds the agent.

Old houses, almost fit for habitation, go for 35-40,000 euros. Often people prefer to buy an old house to reconstruct it. Very often the permits of the old house are used to carry out reconstructions and improvements on the building. All this makes it easier for the owner, who can more easily obtain permits for reconstructions, additions and extensions from the municipality, the industry explains.

Plots for new construction are also becoming more expensive - they have a changed status and are offered at prices of 100-110 euros per square meter. Real deals, however, are concluded at around 60 euro/sq.m.

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